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    CMT Hicorp was selected into the first series of "Good Products in Shandong" brand list

     On March 2, the first series of "Good products in Shandong" brand list was officially announced at the press conference on the construction of "Good products in Shandong" held by the Shandong Provincial Government Information Office. Three intelligent products of CMT Hicorp, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qingdao Hicorp Group, are on the list, namely CMT Hicorp Roving Frame, bobbin packaging logistics system, and intelligent warehousing and logistics equipment.


    The main technical research and development direction of CMT Hicorp is the intelligentization of textile equipment products. By improving the numerical control level and intelligent degree of textile equipment and developing intelligent auxiliary systems, it provides downstream textile users with intelligent production solutions and personalized design. Provide services, develop and guide intelligent technical equipment suitable for the new needs of customers. The company's more than 50 years of machinery manufacturing experience, as well as the innovative development of high-efficiency, energy-saving and intelligent equipment in the textile industry, have made outstanding contributions to promoting the transformation and upgrading of my country's textile process and textile industry, leading the digital and intelligent production of the textile industry. development trend. The thickness combined intelligent roving frame system, packaged yarn intelligent packaging logistics system and intelligent warehousing logistics equipment of CMT Hicorp are all key equipment in the textile industry process and represent the new generation of intelligent spinning equipment.


    HCP2025 Intelligent Roving Frame


    Package logistics system


    Intelligent warehousing and logistics equipment

     Qingdao Hicorp Group will continue to adhere to the core value concept of "customer-centric, leading the industry with innovation", build a "custom-made" "Hicorp Smart Factory" for customers, actively guide and support corporate brand building, and give full play to brand advantages. , do a good job in the demonstration and leading role in the development of the industry, and further promote the healthy and high-quality development of enterprises.

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